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Postcard from a Junkyard

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Postcard from within the tunnel…

This afternoon, Paul ran a poetry workshop, in which Fox Class created some poems all about a magic tunnel.

My Magic Tunnel – By Years 2 and 3

I have a magic tunnel

It’s made out of orinjis

It has joos dripping

It’s lined with streets

Because it’s yummy

In it you can hear gost

Inside it there is an orinj monster

My tunnel goes to Turkey

-by Tidde


I have a magic tunnel

It’s made out of sun creym

It syhnes in the sun

It’s lined with twisters

Because the children put them there 

In it the sound I wyd have is tweeting

 Inside it lives candy 

My tunnel goes to Spiderman

-By Kallen


I have a magic tunnel

It’s made out of pencils

When I sit on it my mum automatacly makes me do home-work 

It’s lined with people doing home-work

Because they had to do home-work 100 years ago

and there teacher never told them to stop

In it you can hear children wining

Inside lives the skeloton of there teacher that lays in front of the entrance

and my magic tunnel leads me to the teachers house.

-by George


I have a magic tunnel

Its made out of ganit cake

It has jam, cream and chocolate and lots of other stuff

It’s lined with biscits

because once there was a biscit man

In it you can hear a sweetie machine

In little biscuit man that eats chocolate chips

My magic tunnel goes to a video game room.

– by Freddie


I have a magic tunnel

I’ts made out of lollipops and cocopops and the train tracks are chocolate fingers.  I have a magic tunnel, whatever I say it taks me there. 

The inside is cream and chocolate walls.  Because they were supposed to put bricks there, but they put chocolate instead.

In it you can hear creamy custard dripping from the walls.  Inside was a lollipop baby dragon.

It likes to run around.

My tunnel takes me to candy candy land.

– by Bella


I have a magic tunnel.

It’s made out of obsidian!!!

At midnight it jumps around and burns everything.

Inside its wet ana amazingly wet!!!

Because it was a mix of the picific ocean and the most hot lava!!!

In it lives an obsidian rock baby (cute)

it’s pooping lava

And it goes to a volcano lava!!!!!!!!!

-by Rowan


I have a magic tunnel

It’s made out of diamons

At night my room lights up like a disco ball

It’s lined with gold and silver fluid

In it you can hear puppys and kittens and owls sound

In it lives puppys and kittens and owls and foxs what all ways sleep.

My magic tunnel goes to a green land and it is very soft.

-by Poppy


I have a magic tunnel. 

It’s made of teddys. 

At midnight you hear their want a hug from you

Because they do not like to hug each other.

It’s lined with yellow and pinck and lite blue

Because men painted the tunnel.

In it you can hear the pant dripping.

Inside lives a brite oreng Fox that is curd up.

My magic tunnel gose to the libry.

– by Sophie Linda Russell


Tunnels – Fox Class

This term, Fox Class have been learning all about tunnels, their topic revolving around the book: The Tunnel, by Anthony Browne.  In the story a little girl called Rose and a boy called Jack venture in to a magic tunnel.  Today we have been working with Years 2 and 3 to make our own tunnel creations. 

We have a ‘Tunnel of the Future’, a fox tunnel, a black hole, ‘The-Ultimate-Tunnel-Making-Machine, the Channel Tunnel, and finally – the tunnel from the story, The Tunnel.

Today’s materials have included tissue paper, cardboard, coloured cellophane, lolly sticks, plastic milk bottles, straws, pom-poms, tin foil, paper plates, paper, pens, biscuit boxes and masking tape.  It’s hard to believe that all of these marvelous tunnels were created from junk!



Glitters in the sky

Can look back in time

Some are yellow some are orange

You can travel back in time

Are in groups up in the night sky

Extremely bright and hot

All sorts of sizes and colours

Make a wish upon them



Shines throw the window and lets the brightness come in

The opisite to dark

When your sad it will certenly cheer you up

A humungus orange object floating around

In space and at night the moon replaces it

Black Hole

Gods brain when hes angry

Sucks in the space fetures

Shape of a planets

Like a bin bag in space

Collects rubbish

A colour of darkness

Such an old granddad to the stars


Not like you and me

Flys in a flying saucer

Gets the chance it will eat you

Three eyes on it scares me!

I worry if it get hit by comets.

All the planets look up at them


Full of planets

An empty space that never ends

Dazzles and explosions

Engulfs all planets like a tasty dinner

See it way above

Taylor Swift song

Shooting Star

Races through the sky

From out of space

It is very rare

Glimmers in the darkness of night

Sometimes it’s not any where to be seen

A shower of diamonds in the night

Star Wars

Mainly white

Exactly the same

A movie

The soundtrack’s famous

Not actually real

W-E cousins in fut

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