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This term, Fox Class have been learning all about tunnels, their topic revolving around the book: The Tunnel, by Anthony Browne.  In the story a little girl called Rose and a boy called Jack venture in to a magic tunnel.  Today we have been working with Years 2 and 3 to make our own tunnel creations. 

We have a ‘Tunnel of the Future’, a fox tunnel, a black hole, ‘The-Ultimate-Tunnel-Making-Machine, the Channel Tunnel, and finally – the tunnel from the story, The Tunnel.

Today’s materials have included tissue paper, cardboard, coloured cellophane, lolly sticks, plastic milk bottles, straws, pom-poms, tin foil, paper plates, paper, pens, biscuit boxes and masking tape.  It’s hard to believe that all of these marvelous tunnels were created from junk!