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Black Hole

Gods brain when hes angry

Sucks in the space fetures

Shape of a planets

Like a bin bag in space

Collects rubbish

A colour of darkness

Such an old granddad to the stars


Not like you and me

Flys in a flying saucer

Gets the chance it will eat you

Three eyes on it scares me!

I worry if it get hit by comets.

All the planets look up at them


Full of planets

An empty space that never ends

Dazzles and explosions

Engulfs all planets like a tasty dinner

See it way above

Taylor Swift song

Shooting Star

Races through the sky

From out of space

It is very rare

Glimmers in the darkness of night

Sometimes it’s not any where to be seen

A shower of diamonds in the night

Star Wars

Mainly white

Exactly the same

A movie

The soundtrack’s famous

Not actually real

W-E cousins in fut