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Postcard from a Junkyard

Supported by the Ernest Cook Trust

Aurora Borealis

Puts colour in your eyes

Comes out twinkling in the cold sky at night

Colours like up the whole sky

A wiggly line with essence of glow

Dazzling snakes flying in the air

Has a variety of rainbow colours


Comes and goes

Job is to make sure people go to sleep on time

If it wasn’t there you’d be very grumpy

You look up to the sky, you’d be looking at it

Looks down and sees if we are naughty

Turns dark and then turns brighter


The only planet with life

Covered with water

Smiles at the moon

Green and blue Oreo

With us forever

Near the moon


Heat could fry you like a sausage

Supper with one ‘P’

Silently imploding then suddenly explodes

Send multi-coloured death rays in to space

A blinding flash like a bomb exploding in space


Looks down at the earth when the sky is black

Bounces light off the sun

Brings with it darkness

Small and white in space

Loves to run around the earth

Is the size of a dwarf planet


When it is in the air it goes through the wind like a shooting star

Takes people off the earth

Kind of a boys thing, not a girls

Shoots through the air like an aeroplane

As big as a giant


Rely on space rockets

Has a big white suit

Trained in the USA

Goes to all different planets

Explores and discovers

Bounces and boings in space.

Badger Class

Badger Class have had an exceedingly busy morning.  This term their class topic is space, so we arrived this morning, with our junkyard bins at the ready to turn their classroom in to a colourful spacescape.  I’ll now share with you just a few of the creations made today.


This is a cheeky alien, which I have been informed is from Planet HB 731835471, where the surface is lave, the core is diamond and it rains glass sideways.  Phewf, not sure I want to visit that planet!



Moving on, I’d like to introduce you to our astronaut.  This astronaut is from planet earth and their biggest mission ever was to go to Mercury.


This is the space helmet, complete with squirt gun attached as a defence device, it has an extendable antennae and bubble wrap on the top to make it look extra spacey.


This clever creation is the Aurora Borealis, which are also known as the northern lights.  It was made to be a sun catcher, and comes complete with strings so it can be hung up at a window.  Would you believe me if I told you it was made out of a bin liner?



And to conclude, I’ll share this shooting star with you, the group that made this worked extra hard to create two of these in the making time.

They’re now about to embark on a poetry workshop led by Paul to create some group poems based on their space creations.








Burning buildings with fire

Hot flames in his belly.

Tail as spikey as icicles


As dangearous as a lion

Very very long and thin.

Shoot at invaders

sharp as a nif

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