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Arctic Poems from the Wolf Pack


Was made by the ice-age

An ustoppable wall of ice

floats for decades

Sharp ice like daggers

bigger than a wardrobe and

older than you can go back




A march of winter.

Drops like a feather.

Chilldrens favourite part of winter.

Touch and let it fade away.

Turns grass in to white wool.

Make the world go white.

by Matilda and Jamie



Fingernumbing and giant.

A magic scene to passing creatures.

IF you ate it you would get a brainfrieez.

As cold as a frezzing snowman.

The Titanics enemy.

A beast killing object.



Think bright bright lights.

Count as many as you can.

Wish on a shooting…

like an audience in the sky.

invisible in the daytime.

twinkle in the sky brightly.

Ben Ethan


Endless night

Turn someones dream into a never ending nightmare.

Darkness that haunts you forever.

Splits the summer and spring.

There is no tomorrow.

Dark and black, feeling like it will never end.

The star’s home.

by Eva and Samuel


The Penguin

Loves to learn a dance routine.

New-born baby a different shade.

Fur is as soft as candy floss.

Black and white super swimmer.

Adoor to eat fish all day long.

Region stays dark for four months.

George Leighton


Northern Lights A.K.A Aurora

Shine in the moon light.

Made by an invisible killer.

You may get cold when watching for them.

A beautiful phantom of light.

Travel far to see the dazzaling peformance.

Scoting the night sky.

Ellie and Harrison 🙂


Polar Bear

Blending in with the white snowball battle.

Colour is pure white and only eats stuff that wiggles in the water.

Gorgeous, can’t wait for a cuddle!

Loves the thick snow like a cuddly blanket.

Has sharp boold daggers and comes from a cold iland.

Sliding along the freexing ice.

Poppy, Matthew, Dougie.



The chess team that moves first,

Uniform of the polar bears,

Hugs a yetis stomach,

The sign of peace,

The colour of illness,

Iceburg in the artic waters,

Alex and Andrew